Department of Labor

White House Hosts Conservation Conference

Conference emphasizes impacts of conservation on urban and rural communities.

Obama’s Recess Appointments Face Legal Challenge

Business groups challenge the constitutionality of three recess appointments to the NLRB.

Regulatory Reform in Congress: Part I

As House members return from vacation, they face a series of regulatory reform bills.

Regulatory Year in Review: 2011

Health care reform, the Dodd-Frank Act, environmental protection, and open government are discussed in our top news posts from 2011.

How China Outsmarted the WTO

China uses regulation to protect state-owned companies and increase authoritarian rule.

Harvesting Clean Energy

New source performance standards should include energy efficiency.

HHS Releases Progress Report on Open Government

The agency details its plans to enhance transparency, public collaboration.

Gainful Employment Rule Hurts College Students and Schools

New Department of Education rule places excessive restrictions on federal funding for higher education.

The Administration’s Regulatory Review Plans Move Toward Evidence-Based Governance

The White House has just released the first plans for retrospective reviews of existing regulations from thirty agencies, making a notable step toward evidence-based governance.

Week in Review

Regulatory news in review

A “Noah’s Ark of Scholars” Discusses Strategies for Increasing Public Engagement with the Government

The federal government hosts conference to promote research on open government.

Clean Water Act Amendment Helps Philadelphia Comply with Stormwater Regulations

The federal government may contribute fees to Philadelphia to limit stormwater runoff to sewers.