Alisa Melekhina

Are Social Media Sites Engaging in Anti-Competitive Conduct?

A new paper dissects antitrust claims against social media.

AT&T Seeks Government Support to Modernize Internet Infrastructure

AT&T petitions the FCC to facilitate experimental transitions to an Internet-based network.

Penn Conference Dissects the Impact of Regulation on Jobs

Conference at Penn Law analyzes effects of regulation on employment and offers guidance for policymakers.

PPR Hosts Washington Workshop on Economic Impacts of Regulation

Roundtable in Washington D.C. focuses on analyzing regulatory impacts on employment.

FCC Seeks Comments on Proposed Rule for Public Safety Do-Not-Call List

The FCC seeks input on how to manage and enforce a Do-Not-Call Registry for emergency service lines.

Supreme Court and PTO Produce New Rules on “Laws of Nature” Patents

After the Mayo decision, Patent and Trademark Office issues guiding memorandum.

Commerce Department Responds to Concerns over Expansion of Internet Domain Names

Public criticism prompts Commerce Department to address risks associated with domain name expansion.