Series of Essays

Creating Incentives for Regulatory Comprehensibility

Scholars comment on a new book that advocates greater simplicity and clarity in the expression of laws and regulations.

Pen Calculator Spreadsheet

The Value of the Value of a Statistical Life

Analysts debate how agencies should measure the benefits of reducing mortality.

Reinvigorating Congressional Reauthorization

Leading scholars debate proposal for Congress to sunset its statutes and require reauthorization.

Featured Regulatory Series of 2019

The Regulatory Review revisits its series published over the past year.

Top Contributor Essays of 2019

The Regulatory Review highlights the top essays written by our contributors in 2019.

Top Staff Essays of 2019

The Regulatory Review highlights the top regulatory stories written by our staff in 2019.

The 2019 Regulatory Year in Review

The Regulatory Review presents its leading essays from the past year.

Constitutional Questions and the Administrative State

Scholars explore questions about how agencies shape and are shaped by the U.S. Constitution.

Using Rigorous Policy Pilots to Improve Governance

Scholars examine the benefits, challenges, and best practices of evidence-based policymaking.

Prioritizing Accessibility and Clarity in Agency Actions

Scholars analyze ACUS recommendations addressing public access to guidance, ALJ hiring procedures, and interpretive rules.

What the Shutdown Revealed About the Value of Public Service

In his 2019 Distinguished Regulation Lecture at Penn Law, Paul C. Light shares a message of hope about public service.

The Supreme Court’s 2018–2019 Regulatory Term

Commentators highlight the ramifications of the Court’s most significant regulatory cases.