The Pandemic and Industry Opportunism

EPA fails to hold environmental polluters responsible during the COVID-19 crisis.

FDA Versus Our Own Stem Cells

The federal government seeks authority over stem cell treatments but risks thwarting medical advancement.

Moving Toward Comprehensibility in the Legal System

We need to extend and expand an overdue conversation about clarity in the U.S. legal system.

Paper stacks

The Elusive Pursuit of Comprehensibility

Simplified communication may not fix incomprehensible disclosures.

Natural Gas is Key to Addressing Climate Change

Natural gas continues to play a vital role in reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Machine Learning Could Make Government More Incomprehensible

Misaligned incentives can encourage incomprehensibility.

The Tax Law System is Only Incomprehensible to Some

Cooperative communication between the Internal Revenue Service and taxpayers would improve the comprehensibility of taxation.

Incomprehensibility is a Trust Problem

Agencies and stakeholders have incentives to speak to each other incomprehensibly.

EARN IT Act Calls Internet Content Moderation Into Question

Proposed legislation targets online child sexual exploitation, but tech advocates say it may hamper encryption.

Incomprehensibility and the Law

The law needs not only to correct information asymmetries but comprehension asymmetries too.

Trump’s Regulatory Budgeting Experiment Has Categorically Failed

The Trump Administration’s 1-in-2-out policy is more of an ineffective symbol than an action toward deregulation.

Calculator Spreadsheet Money

The Value of a Statistical Life is Not Efficient

Over-reliance on the VSL measure often leads to excessive consideration and regulation of risk.