Sam Batkins

President Trump’s Regulatory Vision

How the incoming President might shape his strategy in the regulatory sphere.

Valuing a Ton of Particulate Matter

What is the cost of emitting soot into the atmosphere? The answer is unclear, yet it plays an important role in policymaking.

What Will the Regulatory Landscape Look Like in 2021?

Regulatory priorities and strategies are likely to hold constant in the near future.

Does Extending a Comment Period Equal Regulatory Delay?

Study suggests a link between comment period extensions and delays in final rules.

Predicting Regulatory Delay

New model aims to predict how long it takes rules to be published after they clear OIRA review.

It’s Past Time to Address Regulatory Duplication

The SCRUB Act would help eliminate duplicative rules through retrospective review.

Cost and Benefit Changes During Federal Rulemakings

Data from recent rulemakings do not show that OIRA review systematically lowers estimated benefits and increases estimated costs.

Can a Regulatory Budget Trim Red Tape?

A paperwork budget could gain bipartisan support.

President Obama’s Budget Sets Regulatory Priorities Too

The proposed budget identifies the administration’s regulatory priorities.

What the Unified Agenda Tells Us About Regulation’s Impending Burdens

Unified Agenda of new regulations only tells part of the story.

Can the White House Trim U.S. Paperwork?

OIRA memo is admirable but bolder action by Congress may be needed.

The Budget Roadmap to the Regulatory State

Obama’s 2013 budget reveals priorities for environment, financial reform, and health care.