Jenna Shweitzer

Reframing the Discussion on Money in Politics

Congressional ethics expert urges regulating lobbying, campaign finance, and gifts simultaneously.

Why Litigation Cannot Adequately Address Local Climate Adaptation Efforts

New York City – and most cities – will not be held liable for their coastal adaptation efforts.

Encouraging Companies to Disclose Climate Risks to the SEC

State attorneys general are well suited to prod disclosure, recent paper argues.

ConEd Invests $1 Billion in Infrastructure Resilient to Climate Change

For the first time, NY utility commission orders climate adaptation measures.

Cracks Emerge in U.S. Prohibition on Industrial Hemp Cultivation

As 2014 Farm Bill loosens federal restrictions, states look to gain new revenue.

EPA Awards Nearly $5 Million in Grants to Study Green Infrastructure

Projects will support urban stormwater management, with a focus on Philadelphia.

TSCA and the Proposed Chemical Safety Improvement Act

Despite limitations, proposed legislation would improve regulation of chemicals.

Department of Energy Announces Solar Energy Investments

DOE seeks to invest in technologies to make solar energy more cost-effective.

The “α-Precautionary Principle”: Weighing Optimism against Pessimism

Law professor proposes a new tool to analyze potentially catastrophic uncertainties.

Comparing the Presidential Candidates’ Energy Policies

Obama and his Republican rivals seek different paths to energy independence.

Mitt Romney’s Ideas about Environmental and Energy Policy

Republican front-runner proposes reining in regulation while increasing production of domestic energy sources.