Department of Labor

Regulatory News: Year in Review

We feature our top news posts from 2012.

Can International Competitiveness Be Quantified?

Penn Law Professor Michael S. Knoll explains how to develop better measures.

CFPB Examines Obstacles to Repayment of Private Student Loans

Report finds similarity between complaints by student borrowers and mortgagors.

A New Chapter in Mortgage-Backed Securities Enforcement

New York AG files novel lawsuit over Bear Stearns conduct.

FOIA Requests Go Online

New portal promises improved public access to government information.

Report Highlights Difficulties with Regulating Federal Grants

GAO identifies oversight challenges in administering federal grants to state and local governments.

Trickle-down Regulatory Impact Analysis

Does the president’s political party lead to better or worse RIAs?

Department of Energy Announces Solar Energy Investments

DOE seeks to invest in technologies to make solar energy more cost-effective.

Can the White House Trim U.S. Paperwork?

OIRA memo is admirable but bolder action by Congress may be needed.

Remembering James Q. Wilson

The Penn Program on Regulation celebrates the life and work of scholar James Q. Wilson.

Where Have All the Wilsons Gone?

The best chances for the continuation of Jim’s tradition exist among public administration and public policy scholars more than among political scientists.

PPR Hosts Washington Workshop on Economic Impacts of Regulation

Roundtable in Washington D.C. focuses on analyzing regulatory impacts on employment.