Mission and Values

Our Mission

The Regulatory Review aims to publish essays that equip a global audience of readers to engage with regulation and understand how it impacts society.

Our Values


We publish a broad range of viewpoints but never at the expense of truth. Our multi-level editorial process ensures that our content meets high standards for accuracy and excellence.


In our staff and contributors, as well as with our essay topics, we seek diverse perspectives. We invite academics, practitioners, and students from different backgrounds to submit essays. In these essays, writers explore regulatory developments affecting various communities and industries.


Both regulation and the discourse around it can further equity and empower marginalized people. We believe that regulation should advance public welfare. When it does not, we hope to bring awareness to facilitate progress.


We aim to make the complex world of regulation understandable. Regulation affects almost everyone’s life in some way, and we believe that people should have the knowledge to engage with and respond to regulatory developments.