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Affiliated with the Penn Program on Regulation and housed at the University of Pennsylvania Law SchoolThe Regulatory Review is the online source of regulatory news, analysis, and opinion. Every weekday throughout the entire year, The Regulatory Review publishes incisive, timely, and original content running the complete gamut of regulatory issues. Staffed by students from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, The Regulatory Review features work contributed by staff members, scholars, judges, attorneys, and others interested in regulatory developments. The opinions expressed on The Regulatory Review are the sole responsibility of their creators and do not necessarily represent those of The Regulatory Review, the Penn Program on Regulation, Penn Law, or the University of Pennsylvania.

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Managing Editor

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Community Editor

Noah Brown

The Regulatory Review In-Depth Editor

Sam Burdyl

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Josephine Phillips

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Brian Connor

Julia Englebert

Content Editors

Alyson Diaz

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Carson Turner

Michaela Bevan

Associate Editors

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Georgia Gkoulgkountina

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Anagha Vasudevarao

Zoe Verni

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Leo Huang

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Weiyue Wu

Mika Wenkert


Faculty Advisor

Cary Coglianese

Example of how to cite to The Regulatory Review using Bluebook conventions:

Cary Coglianese, Is Government Truly Broken?, Regul. Rev. (Nov. 15, 2016), https://www.theregreview.org/2016/11/15/coglianese-government-truly-broken/.

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