Department of Labor

Achieving Procedural Fairness in Black Lung Benefits Hearings

Black lung disease is increasing, but fewer miners can successfully claim benefits.

Regulating by Reference

The Regulatory Review features an examination of “incorporation by reference” by legal experts on regulation and administrative law.

We the People of the Internet

White House website collects and responds to public petitions.

TARP Overseer Describes “Lost Opportunity” to Increase Small Business Lending

Report blames regulators’ lack of sufficient oversight in reviewing loan applications.

Draft Bill Would Limit EPA Rulemaking Power

Proposal would require Energy Department to review EPA regulations costing more than $1 billion.

Updating OSHA Inspection Policies

Using predictive targeting could better identify firms with the biggest risks to workers.

Defense Department Amends Rules to “Match Reality” for Women in Combat

Rule restricting women’s role in direct combat will be formally lifted.

Regulatory News: Year in Review

We feature our top news posts from 2012.

Can International Competitiveness Be Quantified?

Penn Law Professor Michael S. Knoll explains how to develop better measures.

CFPB Examines Obstacles to Repayment of Private Student Loans

Report finds similarity between complaints by student borrowers and mortgagors.

A New Chapter in Mortgage-Backed Securities Enforcement

New York AG files novel lawsuit over Bear Stearns conduct.

FOIA Requests Go Online

New portal promises improved public access to government information.