The Health-Sharing Duck

Health care sharing ministries seem similar to traditional health insurance, but they evade the scrutiny of federal and state regulators.


Changing Credentials in College Accreditation

The Education Department issues controversial revisions to college accreditation rules.

Increasing Organ Donation in the United States

Two proposed rules aim to improve the rate of organ donations in the United States.

Landmark Environmental Rules Slated for Overhaul

A proposed rule aims to facilitate economic growth at the expense of federal environmental reviews.

FDA Announces Age Change for Tobacco Sales

Online announcement declares that new tobacco age restrictions are effective immediately.

The Regulation of American Archaeology

Federal regulation of domestic and international archaeology comes from a variety of agencies.

Drug Approval During a Public Health Crisis

FDA’s approval of an Ebola vaccine can serve as a framework for drug development during other epidemics.


The Origins of GAO’s Ukraine Funding Report

Government Accountability Office report on military aid reflects historical tug-of-war between Congress and the President.

Proposed Rule Seeks to Promote Value-Based Health Care

Federal regulators seek to expand safe harbors for provider care coordination arrangements.

A Proposed Rule to Secure the Digital Economy

A Department of Commerce proposal would establish broad authority to block threats to digital security.

Proposed EPA Rule May Permit More Toxic Water Pollution

EPA’s proposed relaxation of a rule restricting water pollution from coal plants generates controversy.

Federal Agencies’ Westward Expansion

The Bureau of Land Management’s relocation sets the stage for other federal agencies to leave Washington.