Proposal to Import Prescription Drugs Faces Criticism

Critics of a proposed rule to import drugs from Canada cite safety concerns and other potential problems.

COVID-19, Domestic Violence, and Guns

Trapped at home with their abusers, victims must rely on programs whose long-term funding remains in doubt.

Student Loan Disservice?

A recent lawsuit highlights tensions between two federal agencies overseeing the management of student loans.

An Epidemic Meets a Pandemic

Amid the coronavirus, the federal government eases restrictions on prescribing controlled substances by telehealth.

Deregulating Rail Transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas

Proposed rule aims to make it easier to ship liquefied natural gas by rail.

Persuading for Privacy

Pressure mounts for Congress to come to bipartisan agreement on privacy.

Will FDA Guidance Hasten Testing for COVID-19?

In the face of a massive viral outbreak, a federal regulator issues unprecedented guidance on validating coronavirus testing.

Whose Children are These?

A federal lawsuit could affect where American Indian children grow up.

The Regulatory Race Against a Public Health Crisis

The federal government responds to the coronavirus pandemic by amending its foreign quarantine rules.

Resolving Regulatory Confusion Over Medical Software

FDA clarifies enforcement priorities for medical device clinical decision support software.

The Health-Sharing Duck

Health care sharing ministries seem similar to traditional health insurance, but they evade the scrutiny of federal and state regulators.


Changing Credentials in College Accreditation

The Education Department issues controversial revisions to college accreditation rules.