FDA’s Authority to Regulate Off-Label Promotion

Expert argues that federal law gives regulator authority to restrict unauthorized drug uses.

Bolstering Supplement Regulations

Lawyer argues that United States should ramp up regulation of dietary supplements.

FDA Takes Action to Curb Overuse of Antimicrobials in Livestock

Amid growing concerns about “superbugs,” regulators seek comment on use of antimicrobials in animal feed.

An Incomplete Contraceptive Coverage Compromise

Despite political assurances, nothing has changed legally in the contraceptive insurance controversy.

FDA Submits User-Fee Recommendations to Congress

Agency recommends statutory language for imposing user fees on biosimilar drug manufacturers.

FDA Warns Patients of Stem Cell Scams

The FDA cautions patients to undergo only approved stem cell treatments.

Regulatory Conference Discusses Oversight of Laboratory Developed Tests

Regulatory conference highlights need for defined governance of laboratory developed diagnostic testing.

USDA Finalizes New Standards for School Lunches

Guidelines require more vegetables, less fat.

USDA Proposes to Modernize Poultry Slaughter Inspection

The USDA would inspect operations while decreasing its focus on expensive slaughter line inspections.

HHS Finds Proposed Health Insurance Rate Increases “Unreasonable”

Affordable Care Act requires approval of insurance company rate hikes for individual and small group plans.

The Value of Codifying a National Approach to Licensing Military-Affiliated Health Care Providers

Statutory change will ease medical training and health care delivery by the Department of Defense.

Over-Regulation of Parthenotes Stifles Valuable Scientific Research

Federal government should fund research using stem cells from unfertilized eggs.