Elisa Solomon

TARP Overseer Describes “Lost Opportunity” to Increase Small Business Lending

Report blames regulators’ lack of sufficient oversight in reviewing loan applications.

Decreasing the Deficit by Shifting Tax Enforcement

GAO report claims the IRS could significantly increase revenues with better enforcement.

Week in Review

FHFA proposes alternative to Fannie and Freddie, TSA to allow pocket knives onto planes, and more.

Using Transnational Commercial Contracts to Regulate Business

New research examines how such contracts can influence so-called soft-law policies.

Report Highlights Difficulties with Regulating Federal Grants

GAO identifies oversight challenges in administering federal grants to state and local governments.

California Adopts “Homeowners Bill of Rights” to Combat Foreclosures

The Golden State joins other jurisdictions in adopting reforms to lower foreclosure rates.

WTO Creates Roadblock to Administration’s Anti-Smoking Initiative

U.S. prohibition of flavored cigarettes violates international trade agreement.

Bill to Kill ‘Death Panel’ Passes House Subcommittee

Bipartisan vote moves forward a bill repealing Obamacare’s Medicare cost-cutting body.

Regulatory Failure and the Gulf Oil Disaster

A Penn Program on Regulation seminar examines agency design.

11th Circuit Finds Affordable Care Act’s Individual Mandate Unconstitutional

Decision splits circuits, sparking responses from presidential candidates.

Republican Candidates Emphasize Regulation in Presidential Debate

Candidates advocate deregulation for economic growth.

A “Noah’s Ark of Scholars” Discusses Strategies for Increasing Public Engagement with the Government

The federal government hosts conference to promote research on open government.