James Hobbs

Can Moneyball Make States Better Regulators?

Scholars say state and local regulators should embrace the federal model of cost-benefit analysis.

How Should We Judge Agencies’ Decisions “Not to Decide?”

Working paper says agencies have broad, but cabined, discretion to delay and defer.

RegBlog’s Next Chapter

With the launch of a new, innovative website, RegBlog.org continues to pursue unconventional ambitions.

We the People of the Internet

White House website collects and responds to public petitions.

New York City Unleashes a Flood of Open Data

Law promises to promote transparency and encourage technological innovation.

GAO Calls on Agencies to Respond to All Comments

Report advocates for a better use of public input.

OMB Proposes Guidance to Simplify Federal Grantmaking Process

Guidance seeks to ease regulatory burdens while increasing effectiveness of oversight.

Penn Convenes Major Dialogue on Chinese Administrative Law

Leading Chinese and American scholars discuss possibilities for legal development.

Is the Rulemaking Process Really a Quagmire?

Scholars laud rulemaking’s efficiency, noting it takes “remarkably little time.”

A New Chapter in Mortgage-Backed Securities Enforcement

New York AG files novel lawsuit over Bear Stearns conduct.

OSHA Warns Fracking Employees of Silica Inhalation Risk

Hazard alert highlights a health-related concern about natural gas extraction.

Commerce Department Levies Duties on Chinese Wind Towers

The decision adds to rising tension between the U.S. and China over manufacturing subsidies.