The Legal Risks of Regulating Climate Change at the Subnational Level

State and local regulators will face challenges in trying to pick up the slack after a federal withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

Regulation and the Local Food Movement

New study suggests that cities can encourage local food production and consumption through smarter regulations.

Do Not Forget to Wear a Hat

EPA provides advice instead of regulation in the new nanny state.

Can States Convince People to Recycle?

Research suggests recycling laws may turn people into “committed” recyclers.

Screaming “Wildfire” in a Crowded Clean Air Act

Researchers argue for new regulatory treatment of wildfires to improve air quality and public health.

Solar Panels on a Border Wall

Economic, environmental, and policy considerations underlie the President’s “solar wall” proposal.

Rethinking Chemical and Pesticide Regulation

Study advocates for cumulative risk assessment mandates in environmental laws.

Why a Retreat from Paris Now?

Political science models may help explain the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

House Gives EPA 15 More Months to Promulgate New Boiler Rules

Congress weighs economic, health considerations in regulation of air pollution from industrial boilers.

Inspector General Criticizes EPA’s Procedural Steps in Greenhouse Gas Endangerment Finding

OIG criticizes aspects of the peer review process used by EPA to develop an internal report on climate change pollutants.

The Ozone Standard as Presidential Policy: Some Concerns

Obama’s short-term decision dangerously contradicts long-term legislative policy.

Why Costs Should Play No Role in Setting Ozone Standards

President Obama made a bad decision to withdraw EPA rule.