The Case for Regulating Tax Return Preparers

Researchers insist that tax return preparers should be required to demonstrate competency.

Navigating Sales Taxes in Online Markets

States reconsider traditional sales tax requirements for e-commerce retailers.

The CFPB’s Final Arbitration Rule Run Amok

New rule will raise costs, harming businesses, consumers, and the court system.

Co-Regulating the Platform Economy

To regulate the digital economy, regulators must cooperate with platform firms, says scholar.

Home Sharing Could Face New Regulation in Seattle

Proposed regulations would limit number of short-term rental properties and add license requirements.

Regulation of the Chinese Equity Crowdfunding Market

Scholar argues that China should model U.S. and U.K. regulation of online investing.

Supreme Court Clarifies Test for Evaluating Useful Articles

Decision may have implications for the protection of other industrial designs.

Equal Footing as Equal Protection

Supreme Court holds that states cannot adopt rules disfavoring arbitration agreements.

Regulating Systemic Risk

PPR seminar speaker argues that financial regulation cannot eliminate systemic risk.

GAO Says Dodd-Frank Rulemaking Should be Improved

Financial regulation needs more rigorous analysis and better interagency communication.

Consumer Choice and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Whether government should prevent consumers from making mistakes remains an open question.

FCC Staff Report Finds AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Contrary to Public Interest

AT&T calls report “obviously one-sided” and questions whether its authors were “predisposed.”