Procuring the Algorithmic State With Better Policy Analysis

Scholars assert that government agencies need a policymaking mindset when purchasing machine learning technology.

Regulation of AI Should Reflect Current Experience

Federal guidance on artificial intelligence needs additions to ensure the U.S. has a seat at the international table.

Tech Companies Need Their Social Licenses

Social license and the bundling of laws and resources can constrain tech companies from aggressive maneuvering.

Protecting Your Retirement from Data Thieves

Scholar offers a proactive approach to regulating ERISA fiduciary responsibilities.


Regulating Mobile Medical Applications

As mobile medical applications continue to proliferate, regulators lack a solid framework for oversight.


Justice Department’s New Position on Patents, Standard Setting, and Injunctions

A new policy statement from the federal government contradicts established law on whether patent holders can seek injunctions.

Quantum Supremacy and the Regulation of Quantum Technologies

Advancing technology requires regulators to act quickly to develop standards and defenses against cyberattacks.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Government and the Law

Scholars analyze how artificial intelligence stands to disrupt the public and legal sectors.

Regulating Police Body-Worn Cameras

Law enforcements’ expanding use of cameras raises questions over how to design programs governing them.

Antitrust and the Future of Big Tech

Technology giants face growing scrutiny from Congress and regulators over their dominance.

Regulating Digital Mapping Technology

Scholars propose mechanisms for regulating augmented reality technology.

The Ongoing Saga of Chevron and Net Neutrality

The FCC’s position on internet access will continue to change unless Congress passes clear legislation.