Alix McKenna

FTC Report Shows Increase in Pay-for-Delay Drug Settlements

Agency report indicates that potentially anti-competitive drug settlements are on the rise.

Draft Bill Would Limit EPA Rulemaking Power

Proposal would require Energy Department to review EPA regulations costing more than $1 billion.

FDA Proposes Food Safety Rules

Proposed rules seek to tackle food-borne illness.

Consumers and Lenders May See Different Credit Scores

CFPB finds credit score discrepancies and recommends heightened consumer awareness.

FDA Finds Arsenic in Many Rice Products

Federal food safety agency says cutting rice consumption would be premature.

Why Do Drivers Speed?

NHTSA study shows that no single countermeasure can combat motivations for speeding.

Should the FTC Regulate Privacy on Social Networking Sites?

A recent paper argues that regulation of social networking sites could help protect privacy and reduce litigation.

FCC Repeals the Fairness Doctrine and Other Regulations

Repeal follows Commission’s announced plan to remove rules that are out of date.