Learning from International Agreements and Domestic Missteps

Scholar argues U.S.-China trade agreements fill regulatory gaps left by both countries.

EU Reveals New Strategy to Improve Online Privacy

Proposal would unify EU data protection laws and reduce business compliance costs.

How China Outsmarted the WTO

China uses regulation to protect state-owned companies and increase authoritarian rule.

China’s Finance Ministry Permits Local Municipal Bond Offerings

Trial program hopes to address local government debt problems.

The Rise of Eurolegalism

Europe is increasingly adopting its own form of adversarial legalism.

Activists Raise Concerns about Enforcement of UK Bribery Act

Initial conviction under new law may not stem criticisms of government enforcement policies.

House Holds Hearing on the Impact of an EU Privacy Regulation

European privacy protection raises questions about optimal level of regulation.

European Court of Justice Fails to Scrutinize Precautionary Principle

A recent judgment undermines legitimacy in risk regulation.

Australian Commission Seeks Comments on Regulatory Evaluation Methods

Productivity Commission to report on prioritizing, evaluating regulatory reform.

The Privatization of Regulation in the World Economy

Private international organizations increasingly set the rules for business activity around the world, but domestic institutions still matter even in setting global rules.

United States and EU Reduce Reliance on Credit Rating Agencies

The SEC eliminates references to CRA ratings from its rules, while the EU increases its oversight of CRAs.

Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Generates Debate Over American Preparedness

Lawmakers study the nuclear disaster in Japan and debate the necessity of improvements to American nuclear safety.