Food and Drug Regulation

Who Is Running OIRA?

Former EPA official questions review process during transition to new “regulatory czar” at OIRA.

FDA Convenes Public Meeting on Proposed Food Safety Rules

Industry lobbyists and safety advocates testify to the benefits and burdens of two major proposed rules.

Horse Meat Scandal Turns into Food Safety Crisis

Why country-of-origin-labeling is not the right solution.

A Prescription for the FDA

To solve fundamental problems, food and drug safety agency must adapt.

The Administrative President

In his second term, President Obama will seek even more policy change by influencing federal administrative agencies.

FDA Proposes Food Safety Rules

Proposed rules seek to tackle food-borne illness.

Improving the Regulation of Offshore Oil Drills

Economist proposes creating a new regulatory regime for the offshore drilling industry.

PPR Announces Fall 2012 Risk Regulation Series

Three seminars will offer critical insights into regulation’s impact on business and society.

The Politics of Precaution

Explaining the shift in US and European approaches to risk regulation.

Nudging Smokers Away from Tobacco Risks

Tobacco regulation increasingly takes a behavioral turn.

USDA Proposes to Modernize Poultry Slaughter Inspection

The USDA would inspect operations while decreasing its focus on expensive slaughter line inspections.

Regulatory Year in Review: 2011

Cost-benefit analysis, Europe’s E. coli outbreak, health care antitrust, environmental regulation, and more … as discussed in our top analysis posts from 2011.