Food and Drug Regulation

Regulating the Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving, from The Regulatory Review.

FDA Releases Action Plan on Imported Goods

The plan would improve collaboration, data management, and resource allocation.

How Bad Math at Federal Agencies Undervalues Human Life

Agencies underestimate the value of human life by consistently ignoring health inflation and wealth inflation.

Europe’s E. coli Outbreak: The EU Food Safety Regime Under Stress

A rare strain of E. coli raises tensions and questions over the EU response.

FDA Seeks Public Input and Increased Funding to Implement Food Safety Act

The FDA holds public meetings to discuss its new authority as some members of Congress question the agency’s budget.

FDA and Importers Gain New Responsibility to Police Imported Foods

New legislation increases safety responsibilities of the FDA and food importers.

State of the Union and Responses Highlight Key Differences Over Regulation

President Obama and Republican leaders debate health care, environmental regulation, and other regulatory issues.