Brandi Lupo

Should Administrative Agencies Adopt Class Action Procedures?

Responding to significant agency backlogs, a new report recommends class action-type procedures.

A Resource List on Regulatory Capture and Reform

Learn about the history of regulatory capture, its effect on public policy, and remedies for addressing corruption.

The Fight for the Right to Sell Cookies

Wisconsin farmers bring lawsuit challenging a state ban on the sale of homemade baked goods.

Keeping the Heat On in New York City

Proposed change to the city’s code would eliminate outdoor temperature as a determinant for heating.

When Politicians Are Not Experts, Agencies Step In

ACUS report addresses best practices for agency involvement in drafting legislation.

Crowds May Cause New End to the Appalachian Trail

State park officials consider re-routing the Appalachian Trail away from Mount Katahdin in response to growing crowds.

NYC Bill Would Have Kids Trade Calories for Toys

New research finds that kids would consume fewer calories under proposed fast-food standards.

Committee Recommends Cautious Use of Issue Exhaustion Doctrine in Rulemaking Cases

ACUS committee warns against requirement to raise issues in rulemaking before seeking judicial review.

Last Licks for Baseball’s Chewing Tobacco Habit

City and state officials seek to ban chewing tobacco from sports stadiums around the country.

Bringing Administrative Hearings to the People

Administrative Conference report recommends best practices for video conferencing by federal agencies.

Finding a Regulatory Framework for Social Enterprise

How can regulators effectively enforce social and environmental bottom lines for multi-purpose enterprises?

New York City Considers a “Civil Gideon” for Housing Court

Proposed change to New York City’s code would provide free legal counsel to low-income tenants facing eviction.