Price Felker

Taking Power Back from the Feds

Kansas moves to take control over workplace safety regulations.

FEC Ordered to Reconsider Presidential Debate Rule Barring Third Parties

Court finds that election regulator failed to properly consider a rule on debate participation.

California Moves to Make Sleeping Computers More Efficient

New standards require computers to use less energy when not in use.

Securing Safe Housing for Domestic Violence Survivors

A new rule prohibits evicting survivors of domestic violence for reporting their abuse.

Time to Get Graphic with Cigarette Labels?

FDA is years behind in its statutory mandate to put graphic warnings on cigarette labels.

Increasing Shelter Access for Transgender People

The Obama Administration issued a final rule that halts discrimination at homeless shelters.

Dispatches from the DNC – Day 3 Recap

Democratic leaders continued their push to unite the Party in the face of lingering frustrations among Clinton’s critics.