Griffin Davis

Doctors or Devices?

Scholar weighs the possibility of regulating medical artificial intelligence like human professionals.

Regulation of the Chinese Equity Crowdfunding Market

Scholar argues that China should model U.S. and U.K. regulation of online investing.

Week in Review

The D.C. Circuit rules in favor of the Obama Administration’s methane rule, the Senate passes an FDA funding bill, and more…

The Future of Countercyclical Regulation

Scholars evaluate the viability of adjusting regulations to accommodate changes in economic conditions.

Regulating Automated Financial Advice

Scholars present framework for the regulation of automated advisors in the financial services industry.

Week in Review

The House passes the American Health Care Act, the Justice Department releases data on incarcerated aliens, and more…

Week in Review

Senators Portman and Heitkamp introduce the Regulatory Accountability Act, FCC announces plan to roll back net neutrality, and more…

Week in Review

The Senate uses the nuclear option, the Seventh Circuit rules on sexual orientation discrimination, and more…

Week in Review

Trump directs rollback of environmental laws, N.C. votes to repeal H.B. 2, and more…

Making Regulatory Reform a Reality

A recent executive order seeks to reinforce the Trump Administration’s regulatory reform agenda.

Week in Review

House delays vote on Obamacare replacement, Senate votes to repeal FCC privacy rules, and more…

Week in Review

House GOP unveils ACA replacement, Trump issues revised travel ban, and more…