Food and Drug Regulation

FDA Revises its Historic Proposal to Regulate Animal Food

Industry pushback appears to slow down landmark rule.

USDA Proposes Lifting Longstanding Ban on Argentinian Meat Imports

USDA finds meat from Northern Argentina can be safely imported despite longtime concerns about foot-and-mouth disease.

Mixed Response to FDA’s Planned Makeover of Nutrition Labels

Proposed updates to label draw praise from public health groups, concern from food industry.

Alcohol Bureau Will Not Revise Labeling Rules

TTB withholds “gluten-free” label for specially processed beers.

The Promise and Perils of Gluten-Free Labels

The FDA’s gluten-free labeling rule may lead manufacturers to inform some consumers while misleading others.

Cracks Emerge in U.S. Prohibition on Industrial Hemp Cultivation

As 2014 Farm Bill loosens federal restrictions, states look to gain new revenue.

What is the Future for Genetic Testing and Personalized Medicine?

FDA declares personalized medicine “has clearly arrived.”

The FDA Trans Fats Ban and the Goal of Informed Consumers

FDA seeks comment on its determination trans fats are unsafe and should be banned.

Regulatory Responses to Honeybee Deaths

Regulatory efforts to combat honeybee deaths focus on pesticides.

The History of Precaution

An analysis of legal traditions provides insight into transnational regulatory relations.

Does Regulation Work?

Better tools are needed to evaluate regulatory effectiveness.

Could Kosher Certification Improve Food Safety and Nutritional Labeling?

PPR seminar speaker says kosher certification offers regulatory model.