Sara Bodnar

How Regulators Can Excel

Contributors to a new book outline the prerequisites for success by regulatory agencies.

Does the Administrative State Threaten U.S. Democracy?

Panel focuses on claims of potential dangers from growth in government agencies.

Strategies for Solving the Police Use of Force Crisis

Former FBI agent outlines ways departments can reduce deadly encounters between civilians and police.

Penn Panel Addresses Police Use of Force

Criminal justice experts discuss improper use of police force—and also pose solutions.

Drug Price Lowering Solutions from the Campaign Trail

As drug prices spike, the presidential candidates endorse proposals for getting costs down.

A Forecast of the Next Five Years in Regulation

RegBlog’s fifth anniversary prompts illuminating debate about the best path for future regulators.


In commemoration of RegBlog’s fifth anniversary, experts looks back on the last five years of regulation before looking forward to the next.

Could Sharing Pay Data Shrink the Gender Wage Gap?

EEOC proposal raises questions about pay equity—and privacy.

Federal Agency Tackles Health Care Gap for Transgender Soldiers

A proposed rule would cover certain gender transition services for military members.

Are Broadband Providers Putting Consumers’ Privacy at Risk?

Advocacy groups push the FCC to address data sharing among Internet companies.

Health Assessment Penalties May Extend to Spouses

A proposal would let employers use financial incentives to get health data from employees’ spouses.

Could Judges Solve Climate Problems?

A Penn panel discussion sparked a lively debate about whether courts should shape environmental policy.