Stefanie Ramirez

Keeping Candy Safe

Scholar argues that FDA can, and should, regulate marijuana edibles.

Is Insurance Regulation Unconstitutional?

Scholar argues that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’s power to regulate violates states’ constitutions.

Week in Review

Scott Gottlieb announces resignation from FDA, Democrats propose new bill to restore Obama-era Internet regulations, and more…

Can the Law Accommodate Recognizing Nonbinary Individuals?

Scholar urges new regulatory frameworks for recognizing nonbinary individuals under the law.

Disinformation and the Threat to Democracy

Scholars argue for strengthening regulations of online political advertising.

Exposing Children on the Internet

Law student argues that recent European Union privacy regulation does not fully protect children.

Regulating Food Advertising to Children

Scholars propose accountability model to regulate how food is marketed to children.

Week in Review

Judge halts online release of blueprints for 3D-printed plastic guns, EPA and NHTSA propose modification of emissions standards, and more…

Is the Captive Audience Doctrine the Key to Regulating Harassment?

Scholar explores a new legal basis for regulating street and cyber-harassment.

Week in Review

Texas and other states ask court to declare DACA “unlawful,” seventeen states and the District of Columbia sue EPA over fuel efficiency standards repeal, and more…

Week in Review

Senate confirms Pompeo as Secretary of State, Court rules Transportation Department cannot delay fuel efficiency rule, and more…

Week in Review

The ATF proposes to classify bump stocks as machineguns, 17 states sue over citizenship question on Census, and more…