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Week in Review

Regulatory news in review

The Myths of Benefit-Cost Analysis

Congress should resist the popular misconceptions of the critics of benefit-cost analysis.

The Administration’s Regulatory Review Plans Move Toward Evidence-Based Governance

The White House has just released the first plans for retrospective reviews of existing regulations from thirty agencies, making a notable step toward evidence-based governance.

Week in Review

Regulatory news in review

Report on Financial Crisis Singles Out the Office of Thrift Supervision

Senate subcommittee staff report faults OTS in Washington Mutual collapse.

Regulatory Agencies Plan for Federal Government Shutdown

Agencies show how they would react to a funding hiatus.

FDA and Importers Gain New Responsibility to Police Imported Foods

New legislation increases safety responsibilities of the FDA and food importers.

Bipartisan E-Rulemaking Act of 2010 Introduced to Enhance Transparency

Senators aim to require the government to put information concerning regulation on the Internet.

Elena Kagan and the Regulatory State

Elena Kagan’s appointment underscores an important shift in American law toward legislation and regulatory law.

Obama’s FY2011 Budget Proposal and Regulatory Agencies

The President’s budget foreshadows changes to how administrative agencies will use their funding.