Penn Program on Regulation

Senate Bill Would Codify Benefit-Cost Analysis and Guidance Procedures

Senator proposes legislation to require cost-benefit analysis and steps for issuing non-binding guidance.

Davos World Economic Forum Focuses on Transparency

Davos World Economic Forum generates support for government transparency, but divides remain over private sector transparency.

Federal Courts Split on Constitutionality of Individual Mandate in Health Care Law

Two district courts uphold insurance mandate, but two other courts find it unconstitutional.

Obama’s Order on Equity and Regulatory Analysis

President Obama’s new Executive Order stresses analysis of equity issues in rulemaking, in addition to calling for a review of existing regulation.

State of the Union and Responses Highlight Key Differences Over Regulation

President Obama and Republican leaders debate health care, environmental regulation, and other regulatory issues.

PPR Co-Sponsors Wharton Workshop on Third Party Auditing

Special event features robust discussion on how to ensure safety with limited regulatory funds.

Fall 2010 Recap: Risk Regulation Seminar Series

Penn Program on Regulation features number of experts who discuss risk in a number of regulatory contexts.

Penn Program on Regulation Welcomes New Regulation Fellow

New PPR fellow brings public policy expertise to the University of Pennsylvania.

Another Regulatory Milestone as the Federal Register Act Turns 75

The Regulatory Review recognizes the contributions of the federal government’s “daily newspaper.”

Murkowski Resolution Fails, But EPA Climate Change Regulation Still at Risk

Senator’s failed attempt to dismantle agency’s greenhouse gas regulation fails amidst similar efforts.

Is the Mine Safety and Health Administration Up to the Task?

Funding shortfalls may inhibit efforts at improving mine safety.

CPSC & HUD Issue Guidance on Imported Drywall

Government takes steps to protect consumers from poisonous substances in homes.