Homeland Security

Improving the Public-Private Cybersecurity Partnership

State-sponsored cyber attacks may require revamping how the government helps companies fight back.

Regulating International Cyberwarfare

Expert proposes approach to determine the optimal regulatory framework for cyberwar.

How Should We Measure Terrorism Risk?

A recent PPR seminar discussed changes in how our government analyzes terrorism risks.

How Philadelphia Ensured Public Safety During the Pope’s Visit

The Pope did not have to worry about his safety in the City of Brotherly Love last weekend.

The Hacker’s Market: Cybersecurity Risk in the U.S. Economy

PPR seminar focuses on threats facing both corporations and the government.

Taking Targeted Immunity Statutes Seriously

Recent Supreme Court rulings provide insight into variable tort litigation outcomes.

Inside Baseball: The Nature of OIRA’s Work

The regulatory review process engages a wide range of actors.

Debate Ensues Over Congressional Control of Agency Rulemaking

Scholars debate the constitutionality–and wisdom–of the REINS Act.


Debate over OIRA’s Virtues and Vices Continues

Cass Sunstein and Lisa Heinzerling debate what really happens in OIRA.

Senators Question President’s Pick for OIRA Administrator

Howard Shelanski questioned on delays, retrospective review, and role for cost-benefit analysis.

TSA Seeks Comments on Whole Body Imaging at Airports

TSA will install new privacy technology on screening machines in coming weeks.

Do Federal Regulations Impede Economic Growth?

Study finds increasing federal regulation does not impede GDP or job growth.