Week in Review

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Regulatory news in review

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  •  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) sought public comment on how to improve policies about the siting of wireless facilities and expedite high-speed Internet implementation throughout the U.S.
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in response to the Dodd-Frank Act, proposed additional transparency requirements on rating agencies, such as more disclosure of details about the ratings process, as well as disclosure requirements for third-party analysts used by the rating agencies.
  • State lawmakers responded to the lack of federal labeling requirements for genetically modified foods by sponsoring legislation that would impose such requirements at the state level.
  • The Department of Interior (DOI) chose 54 projects across the western United States to receive grants under the WaterSMART program. These projects will reportedly save approximately 100,000 acre-feet of water annually, or enough for over 400,000 people.