Homeland Security

FTC Staff Report Outlines Best Practices for Mobile App Industry

Agency provides disclosure guidelines to protect consumer privacy.

DHS to Offer Deportation Guidance on Same-Sex Couples

Discretionary relief from deportation for same-sex partners.

Trickle-down Regulatory Impact Analysis

Does the president’s political party lead to better or worse RIAs?

Justice Department Announces Rules to Stop Prison Rape

Rules aim to eliminate sexual assault through a comprehensive regulatory scheme.

The Value of Codifying a National Approach to Licensing Military-Affiliated Health Care Providers

Statutory change will ease medical training and health care delivery by the Department of Defense.

Regulatory Reform in Congress: Part I

As House members return from vacation, they face a series of regulatory reform bills.

Coast Guard Seeks Partners to Help Stave Off Spectrum Crisis

Public-private research partnerships would explore alternatives to GPS.

An Executive Order to Stop Future WikiLeaks

President Obama issued an executive order to safeguard confidential information transferred on government networks.

Expand Centralized Regulatory Review to Independent Agencies

Congress should require independent regulatory commissions to perform cost-benefit analyses

Senate Committee Continues Review of Regulatory Reform Bills

Two former OIRA Administrators testify at hearing.

Senate Committee Hears Regulatory Reform Testimony

Senators challenge Cass Sunstein on agency reform and legislative oversight.

Senate Hearing on Diabetes Urges Development of Artificial Pancreas

Committee members urge FDA to expedite releasing industry guidance.