Health Information

Once They Are Tested, Can Genes Stay Private?

Scholars argue that increased use of direct-to-consumer genetic testing creates hidden privacy risks.

Preserving Clinician Discretion Under Health Privacy Regulation

HIPAA does not stop health care providers from disclosing patient information to provide better care.

Doctors or Devices?

Scholar weighs the possibility of regulating medical artificial intelligence like human professionals.

FDA’s Authority to Regulate Off-Label Promotion

Expert argues that federal law gives regulator authority to restrict unauthorized drug uses.

Should Robots Make Law?

Workshop evaluated benefits and challenges of delegating government decision-making to computers.

Creating Guidance for an Invisible Threat

FDA issues new guidelines to medical device manufacturers to mitigate cybersecurity concerns.

Health Assessment Penalties May Extend to Spouses

A proposal would let employers use financial incentives to get health data from employees’ spouses.

Agencies Propose Rule to Bolster Protections for Human Research Subjects

Rule would address concerns that medical information can be used for unauthorized purposes.