Can Regulating Surrogacy Prevent Statelessness?

Scholar proposes regulatory solution to ensure that children born from surrogate mothers have clearly established citizenship.

Procuring the Algorithmic State With Better Policy Analysis

Scholars assert that government agencies need a policymaking mindset when purchasing machine learning technology.

Regulating Backyard Breeders

Scholar favors ending unregulated small-volume dog breeding.

Tech Companies Need Their Social Licenses

Social license and the bundling of laws and resources can constrain tech companies from aggressive maneuvering.

Protecting Your Retirement from Data Thieves

Scholar offers a proactive approach to regulating ERISA fiduciary responsibilities.

Used Car

Are Subprime Auto Loans Driving the Next Financial Crisis?

Commentator argues that failure to regulate risky lending could lead to mass defaults.

Inequalities in Natural Disaster Regulation

Certain communities may face disproportionate harms in the wake of natural disasters.

Standing Up to Climate Change

The judicial system may need to adapt to allow climate change cases to be heard in court.

The Problem with Regulating Combination Products

Unlike new drugs and devices, combination products may fall through the regulatory cracks.

Financial Fair Play Regulations’ Unintended Effects

European soccer authority’s economic regulations create unintended losses for clubs.

Applying Judge-Made Law to Insider Trading

Scholar argues that judges, rather than the legislature, should continue to regulate insider trading.

Will Steel Tariffs Mark the Demise of the WTO?

Scholar argues that Trump’s steel tariffs and the responses from other countries endanger the free trade system.