Climate Change

The Case Against Using Global Benefits to Set U.S. Climate Policy

Two prominent economists introduce new questions into the debate over the social cost of carbon.

How Much Could it Cost to Do Nothing?

White House report claims costs of delaying action on climate change are high.

GAO Advises Congress on Climate Change

Official from oversight agency recommends greater effort to protect federal facilities from climate change damage.

General Permits and the Regulation of Greenhouse Gases

Recent Supreme Court decision misses a climate change solution that could satisfy all parties.

Why Litigation Cannot Adequately Address Local Climate Adaptation Efforts

New York City – and most cities – will not be held liable for their coastal adaptation efforts.

Encouraging Companies to Disclose Climate Risks to the SEC

State attorneys general are well suited to prod disclosure, recent paper argues.

The Case for Declining Discount Rates

Why current practices of regulatory analysis undervalue future benefits.

ConEd Invests $1 Billion in Infrastructure Resilient to Climate Change

For the first time, NY utility commission orders climate adaptation measures.

Prospects for an Interstate Cap and Trade for Greenhouse Gases

The last years of the Obama administration will determine if the EPA succeeds in implementing a cap-and-trade regime.

Is Global Warming the Next Great Threat to U.S. National Security?

Government report predicts climate change will strain U.S. security.

Scientific Knowledge and Attitudes on Climate Change

PPR seminar discusses cultural causes of controversy.

International Linkage of National Climate Change Policies

Regulation of greenhouse gas emissions may proceed by linking together multiple national cap-and-trade systems.