Climate Change

Do Not Forget to Wear a Hat

EPA provides advice instead of regulation in the new nanny state.

Climate Engineering Could Reframe the Dialogue on Climate Change

New study explores the potential benefits, risks, and legal challenges of solar climate engineering.

Trump’s Alternative Economics of Climate Change

The Trump Administration’s new social cost of carbon policy muddies the waters.

New Climate Resilience Report Emphasizes Cross-Sector Collaboration

The Obama Administration releases report on opportunities to enhance nation’s climate resilience.

Joint Rulemaking Aims to Green the Trucking Industry

New standards for heavy-duty trucks are expected to reduce emissions and allow the industry to keep on truckin’.

China Addresses Climate Change in its Latest Five-Year Plan

In the 13th Five-Year Plan, China aims to fulfill its commitment in the Paris Agreement.

Legal Adaptive Capacity and How Agencies Respond to Change

The adaptability of the goals pursued in an agency’s organic statute influences the agency’s response to climate change.

A Forecast of the Next Five Years in Regulation

RegBlog’s fifth anniversary prompts illuminating debate about the best path for future regulators.

We Need to Get Back to Work

Reviving our regulatory system should be a top priority for the next President.

Is Dungeness Crab Safe to Eat?

California regulators lift ban on commercial fishing following health, economic, and environmental concerns.

Clearer Skies Await

International fuel efficiency standards for aircraft near enactment.

Reasons for Optimism in the Paris Agreement

Both governments and businesses show commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.