Global Warming Earth

Climate Change Necessitates Normative Change

Global warming poses unique threats that require paradigmatic shifts to solve.

How Much of an Income Drop Will Take a Life?

Policymakers should consider the impact of their decisions on not just wealth, but also human life.

The Challenge of Keeping Hazardous Consumer Products Off the Market

New audit report highlights Consumer Product Safety Commission’s struggle to respond to emerging risks.

Why are financial systems prone to crisis?

Scholar analyzes the relationship between financial systems, crises, and regulation.

Regulators Place Spotlight on Shadow Insurance

Reports warn that spread of captive reinsurance companies could pose systemic market risk.

Scientific Knowledge and Attitudes on Climate Change

PPR seminar discusses cultural causes of controversy.

Fall 2010 Recap: Risk Regulation Seminar Series

Penn Program on Regulation features number of experts who discuss risk in a number of regulatory contexts.