Patricia Santiago

Regulators Quietly Prepare to Open Chinese Capital Markets

Cross-border trading between Shanghai and Hong Kong promises economic opportunity and regulatory challenges.

Regulators Place Spotlight on Shadow Insurance

Reports warn that spread of captive reinsurance companies could pose systemic market risk.

Resetting Expectations for New Media

Scholars suggest that easy access to information may not increase meaningful public engagement in policymaking.

A Regulatory Vacuum in the Growing Space Launch Market

Congress limits administrative safety regulation while offering financial safety net.

“Big Four” Decision Shines Light on Regulatory Conflicts

International accounting firms remain stuck between Chinese and U.S. law.

International Approach to Failing Financial Institutions Sought

U.S. and U.K. regulators stress progress on cross-border agreements.

Is Bitcoin Real Money? Regulators Weigh In

Digital currencies encounter an uncertain regulatory landscape as they enter the mainstream.

Federal Reserve Board Implements New Capital Plan Rules

New rules amend capital-to-risk ratio requirements.

U.S. Declines Insurance Liability for One Trillion in Foreign Bank Deposits

New rule protects the FDIC from liability for foreign deposits in the event of U.S. bank failure.