Regulatory Review

Enduring Principles of Sound Regulatory Analysis

The economic foundations of Executive Order 12,866 underscore its continued importance in regulatory review.

Report Shines Light on Regulatory Burdens on University Research

Recommendations in National Academy of Sciences report may lead to smarter regulation of research.

Reining in Federal Regulation

Republican bill seeks to counterbalance perceived regulatory excesses.

The Regulatory Reform Debate Needs a Wider Lens

The U.S. does not regulate more than its international peers, but could still learn much from them about regulatory management.

Professor Coglianese to Lead New Initiative on Regulatory Excellence

Penn receives $1.2 million from Alberta Energy Regulator to lead Best-in-Class Regulator Initiative.

An Independent Commission Should Suggest, Not Determine, Rule Rescissions

Proposed regulatory review commissions would circumvent procedural safeguards.

Learning from the FDA’s Plan B Fiasco

Plan B episode calls for reconsidering the scope of judicial review and the role of politics in rulemaking.

Moving Toward the Evaluation State

By taking three feasible steps, the administration could help build a regulatory culture more supportive of ex post evaluation.

The Anti-Capture Justification for Regulatory Review

Better understanding of OIRA’s role – and its rationale – provides a new agenda for reform.

ACUS Examines Time it Takes the White House to Review Rules

ACUS floats proposals to make rule review faster and more transparent.