Richard L. Revesz

Richard L. Revesz is the Lawrence King Professor at New York University School of Law. Professor Revesz also previously served as the Dean of the New York University School of Law. His work focuses on the use of cost-benefit analysis, the allocation of regulatory responsibility in a federal system, and the design of liability regimes

White House

Regulatory Rollbacks Have Changed the Nature of Presidential Power

Strategies used by the Trump Administration will serve as a blueprint for future Presidents.

Supreme Court

A Distinction in Agency Design Without a Difference

The Solicitor General says it is constitutionally relevant that one person heads the CFPB, but it is not.

EPA Will Say Anything to Avoid Addressing Climate Change

New carbon rule is entirely at odds with Trump Administration’s earlier rhetoric on the Clean Power Plan.

Achieving Climate Goals Will Require Sound Energy Storage Policies

Clean energy systems will not reduce emissions unless states promote effective energy storage policies.

Responding to Anti-Regulatory Tropes

Marchand’s argument questions key regulatory processes and ignores the net benefits of regulation.

Challenging the Anti-Regulatory Narrative

The Clean Air Act’s success reveals the flaws in the standard critique of the administrative state.

Structural Reforms to Improve Cost-Benefit Analyses of Financial Regulation

Independent agencies should mirror executive branch practices to overcome judicial scrutiny.

An Empirical Analysis of the Establishment of Independent Agencies

A divided government may not fully explain the creation of agencies not directly controllable by the President.

The Tragic Flaw of the Clean Air Act

Scholars examine the history and consequences of the Clear Air Act’s exemption of existing industrial facilities.

The False Dichotomy of Agency Independence

Different agency design choices result in a continuum of independence.

The Anti-Capture Justification for Regulatory Review

Better understanding of OIRA’s role – and its rationale – provides a new agenda for reform.