Ronald M. Levin

Ronald M. Levin, the William R. Orthwein Distinguished Professor of Law at the Washington University School of Law, specializes in administrative law and related public law issues. He has testified before Congress on regulatory reform issues and has published numerous articles and book chapters on administrative law topics, including judicial review, rulemaking, and legislative reform of the regulatory process. Professor Levin has been active in the ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice for more than three decades and served as its Chair in 2000-01. He also served as the ABA’s advisor to the drafting committee to revise the Model State Administrative Procedure Act.

Interpretive Rules in Practice

A new ACUS recommendation on interpretive rules largely aligns with a prior one on policy statements.

The National Injunction and the Administrative Procedure Act

Critics of national injunctions should not stretch the meaning of key words in the APA.

The Regulatory Accountability Act and the Obsolescence of Formal Rulemaking

Administrative agencies should not be required to use a process that has been obsolete for decades.

An Independent Commission Should Suggest, Not Determine, Rule Rescissions

Proposed regulatory review commissions would circumvent procedural safeguards.