Regulatory Efficiency

Understanding Government Failure

To create better solutions to today’s problems, policymakers must analyze government’s successes and failures.

Is Government Prone to Fail?

Peter H. Schuck’s recent book analyzes the effectiveness of federal domestic policies in the United States.

An SEC Commissioner Highlights Global Challenges to U.S. Financial Markets

Speech by U.S. regulator highlights complex issues facing U.S. capital markets.

Why We Need to Measure Regulation

Answering key questions about regulation requires better data.

Improving Regulatory Agenda-Setting

Penn Program on Regulation workshop focuses on key factors shaping regulatory agendas.

Predicting Regulatory Delay

New model aims to predict how long it takes rules to be published after they clear OIRA review.

Regulate the Sharing Economy Parent Companies, Not Individual Providers

Company-focused regulation is better for regulators, consumers, and companies themselves.

Firms in Sharing Economy Should be Regulated Under a Modified Framework

Regulating Uber and Airbnb like their mainstream predecessors could be good for the sharing economy.

Regulating the “Sharing Economy”

General permits could provide the right amount of regulation for a new, booming industry.

Regulatory Science and the TTIP

Trade talks could help improve regulatory policy in both the U.S. and EU.