Occupational Safety and Health

Regulating by Reference

The Regulatory Review features an examination of “incorporation by reference” by legal experts on regulation and administrative law.

Shifting OSHA’s Priorities to Protect Public Health

Agency needs “wake-up call” on chemical hazards, says PPR’s Adam Finkel.

Updating OSHA Inspection Policies

Using predictive targeting could better identify firms with the biggest risks to workers.

Defense Department Amends Rules to “Match Reality” for Women in Combat

Rule restricting women’s role in direct combat will be formally lifted.

Members of Congress Need Not Send to Ask For Whom the Bell Tolls

Congress must not forget its role in setting regulatory policy.

Regulatory News: Year in Review

We feature our top news posts from 2012.

OSHA Warns Fracking Employees of Silica Inhalation Risk

Hazard alert highlights a health-related concern about natural gas extraction.

PPR Hosts Washington Workshop on Economic Impacts of Regulation

Roundtable in Washington D.C. focuses on analyzing regulatory impacts on employment.

A Missed Opportunity: The Ostrich Approach to Indoor Radon Exposure

Small, proactive steps could prevent thousands of radon-related deaths.

The Proper Limits of the Congressional Regulatory Veto

The CRA’s ban on issuing “substantially similar” rules has been misunderstood

The Dangers of Indicators

Increased reliance on indicators can mask an institution’s non-quantifiable policies, Galit A. Sarfaty argues.

How Bad Math at Federal Agencies Undervalues Human Life

Agencies underestimate the value of human life by consistently ignoring health inflation and wealth inflation.