Fixing the Family Glitch

Ambiguous language in the Affordable Care Act could keep affordable health care out of reach of millions.

Is Insurance Regulation Unconstitutional?

Scholar argues that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’s power to regulate violates states’ constitutions.

Curbing Prescription Opioid Abuse Through Insurance Regulation

New study shows regulators have overlooked insurers in tackling the opioid epidemic.

Building for Disaster

Data show that more stringent building codes deliver benefits greatly exceeding their costs.

The Covered Agreement Between the United States and European Union

Obama-era agreement on insurance regulation strikes the right level of detail after international negotiation.

Justifying Health Insurance

Scholar describes how the philosophy and economics underlying insurance policies can guide current debates.

States Adopt Private Market Model for Public Health Insurance Programs

An experimental Medicaid program could cut across party lines and provide health care to millions of Americans.

Regulators Place Spotlight on Shadow Insurance

Reports warn that spread of captive reinsurance companies could pose systemic market risk.

Penn Seminar Explores New Responses to Flood Risks

Experts ask if super-storms require new approaches to risk regulation, insurance, and disaster management.

Rethinking Federal Flood Insurance

Wharton study proposes innovative ways to improve government-funded flood insurance.