David Zaring

David Zaring is an associate professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics at The Wharton School. He also teaches at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Lucia Turns Out to Be Much Ado About Nothing

The Court’s decision about administrative judges skirts major separation of powers questions.

Guidance and the Congressional Review Act

Congress faces issues in attempting to apply regulation-removing law to agency guidance.

Constraining the President’s Appointment Power

Court holds President Obama’s appointment of acting General Counsel for the NLRB was unlawful.

The Covered Agreement Between the United States and European Union

Obama-era agreement on insurance regulation strikes the right level of detail after international negotiation.

How Business-Based Standards Can Support Human Rights

When promulgating human rights rules for businesses, specific is better.

The Final Days of the Office of Thrift Supervision

OTS may not deserve some criticism from its performance during the financial crisis.