Grace Gale

Regulating Backyard Breeders

Scholar favors ending unregulated small-volume dog breeding.

Protecting Your Retirement from Data Thieves

Scholar offers a proactive approach to regulating ERISA fiduciary responsibilities.

Regulating Digital Mapping Technology

Scholars propose mechanisms for regulating augmented reality technology.

Put the Phone Down

Scholar argues that the government should regulate app developers to prevent technology addiction.

Shame on You!

Scholar argues that shaming is an effective tool against violators of regulations.

A Pilot for Air Travel Savings

Scholar urges Congress to redefine common carriage to promote flight-sharing platforms in the United States.

Amusement Park Accommodations for the Disabled

Commentator argues that amusement parks can do more to expand access to disabled individuals.

Can OSHA Regulation Rescue NFL Players?

Scholars argue that OSHA could make the “workplace” for professional football players safer.