Gender Discrimination

How Does Regulation Affect LGBTQ+ Individuals?

This Saturday Seminar explores how different types of regulation treat gender identity and sexual orientation.

Can the Law Accommodate Recognizing Nonbinary Individuals?

Scholar urges new regulatory frameworks for recognizing nonbinary individuals under the law.

Gender-Inclusive Textbook Plunges France into a Linguistic Battle

Politicians and academics wrestle over gender equality and the future of the French language.

The Need for a Trauma-Informed Approach to Female Incarceration

Given the growing number of female prisoners, our incarceration system needs to focus more on women’s needs.

Could Sharing Pay Data Shrink the Gender Wage Gap?

EEOC proposal raises questions about pay equity—and privacy.

EEOC Probes Hollywood Hiring Practices

Agency requests interviews with female directors in light of allegations of discriminatory hiring.