Grace Knofczynski

Defining Overtime Responsibility

The Department of Labor issued guidance defining “joint employers.”

Updating Telephone Technology for the Deaf Community

The FCC proposes updates to its requirement that companies support particular telephone technology for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Regulating Self-Driving Cars

As the technology for automated cars develops, California regulators consider how best to approach this new challenge.

Using the APA to Constrain Presidential Inaction

Dan Walters argues that the Administrative Procedure Act provides the courts with the best framework for reviewing presidential inaction.

Auditor Says Federal Cybersecurity Efforts are Inadequate

Government report finds that federal agencies’ cybersecurity practices are too weak.

Federal Agency Moves to Enhance Safety of Public Transportation Systems

The Federal Transit Administration issued a proposed rule to increase monitoring of public transit systems.

Do Occupational Licenses Keep Consumers Safer?

Recently released White House report criticizes the rise of occupational licenses, suggests improvements.

Security Checks, Discrimination, and Jerusalem at the Supreme Court

Supreme Court’s latest term included decisions on labor, housing, and employment law and the separation of powers.

Are Health Care Antiseptics Safe and Effective for Medical Professionals?

The FDA asks for new data on the safety and efficacy of antiseptics used in hospitals and other health care settings.

First Biosimilar Drug Inches Closer to Entering U.S. Market

Newly approved type of generic drug defeats competitor in court and continues towards market.

Can 911 Find You?

FCC issues final rule increasing 911 operators’ ability to locate wireless 911 callers.

Commercial Drones in the Skies by 2017

The FAA proposes rule permitting restricted use of commercial unmanned aircraft systems.