Executive Order

The Stunning Triumph of Cost-Cost Analysis

Under President Trump’s executive order, the benefits of new regulations will play no role in regulatory decision-making.

Improving Regulatory Analysis at Independent Agencies

Independent agencies should adopt four key analytical standards.

Improving the Process of Making Rules at Independent Agencies

Following certain procedural steps will strengthen independent agencies’ rulemaking processes.

Department of Labor Establishes Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

Agency finalizes rule requiring paid sick leave for federal contractors.

Are We Making Progress in Valuing Health and Longevity in Regulatory Analysis?

Although agencies have made strides concerning values for mortality risk reductions, more research is needed on these values.

WTO Sinks Chinese Sanctions on U.S. Steel

Trade body says China’s restrictions violate international agreements.

Ongoing Litigation in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Lawsuits over stem cell research could alter current scientific approaches.

Obama’s Order on Equity and Regulatory Analysis

President Obama’s new Executive Order stresses analysis of equity issues in rulemaking, in addition to calling for a review of existing regulation.