Susan Dudley

Susan Dudley directs the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center and is a Research Professor in the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration. She served from 2007-2009 as the Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs within the Office of Management and Budget.

A Brief History of Regulation and Deregulation

The history of regulatory policy in the United States is rich, but its future remains unclear.

Increasing EPA’s Scientific Transparency

Despite concerns, environmental agency’s “transparent science” proposed rule supports existing guidelines.

Regulating Within a Budget

The Trump Administration’s regulatory budget constraint may help improve agency benefit-cost analyses.

Donald Trump, the “Workers’ Party” Candidate, on Regulation

Experts argue that Donald Trump’s focus on jobs and worker impacts instead of the application of the net social benefits test is imprudent.

Exploring Regulatory Capture’s Unanswered Questions

Rent-seeking and profit-seeking behavior provide valuable insights into the concept of regulatory capture.

What Can We Learn From the Unified Regulatory Agenda?

Semiannual government report speaks to timely debate over federal regulations.

Congress Needs Its Own Regulatory Review Office

OIRA oversight of regulation is necessary, but not sufficient.

Prospects for Regulatory Reform

Congress should use a rare political moment to improve the U.S. regulatory process.